7 Teenage Hair Loss Solutions You Should Know


Hair loss is something many of us view as a natural part of aging. However, there are many reasons for hair loss,and it can happen in your younger years. Teenagers can suffer from hair loss.

We are not just talking about the odd strand here and there. We are talking about clumps of the hair coming out of the head and not growing back. This is about visibly balding, far too soon than is considered normal.

Losing your hair is embarrassing at any age, but even worse for teenagers. This is a time that hair is vital and can help to build the self-confidence. It is a time that bullies will find any reason to taunt and make fun of their peers. The last thing any teenager wants is to be the center of ridicule.

It is time to look for hair loss solutions. These seven options will help you prevent hair loss and encourage its re-growth later.

Normal Loss and Unnatural Hair Loss

We do naturally lose a few strands of hair now and then. Every day you may experience a few strands in your brush or around the shower. If it is around 10-20 strands, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. This is just the old hair cells dying so the new ones can come through.

If you do see a big clump, it is worth thinking about what you have done with your hair for a few days. Hair that has been tied up for days and not washed or brushed will see a larger than thenormal loss on the days it is let down. This is just the natural loss accumulating over the course of these days.

Itis worth letting your hair lose each day, giving it the chance to fall out when it needs to.

If you start to see more frequent losses and it does not come back, you will need to consider the chances that you are losing your hair. As mentioned, there are many reasons for this, including medication, aging, cell damage, and stress.

Now it is time for your solutions to prevent hair loss in teenagers.

Enjoy a Healthy and Balanced Diet

The truth of the matter is that the diet does not control everything. It is not your instant solution to stop hair loss,and it is not going to guarantee your hair will grow back. However, it will help to encourage healthy hair growth and natural oil production.

Put it this way, if you live off fast food forever, your hair will not look as good as it could. The follicles are not cared for, which can lead to more hair loss than usual. Getting a balanced diet is essential for healthy skin, hair, minds, and bodies. The balance will help you get all the nutrients you need and avoid the refined sugar that does nothing more than cause health problems.

When it comes to healthy food, look out for more proteins, B vitamins, and healthy fats. All these together will offer help to the cells. The hair looks thicker and shinier, while the hair cells form better and stronger.

In fact, deficiency in your B vitamins is one of the biggest reasons for hair loss. B vitamins help with the formation of cells. This means they help to form your hair follicles, encouraging more growth. You will be able to prevent hair loss from occurring and may be able to repair some of the damage.

B vitamins are extremely easy to get if you eat the right foods. Opt for poultry, eggs, fish, and pork. You will get plenty of protein at the same time to encourage thicker, glossier hair. Oily fishes are excellent for the healthy fats in your diet. You should also add more leafy greens to your diet. Spinach and kale are among the best for all types of nutrients.

Look After Your Scalp

You do not just have to eat the ingredients to get the benefits. You can add ingredients full of B vitamins, protein, and healthy fats directly to your hair. Make a conditioning treatment with avocado oil or olive oil and massage it into your scalp. Your skin and hair will thank you.

In fact, this is something that you want to do for other methods of preventing hair loss.

When you massage your scalp, you encourage the blood flow to the area. Blood is necessary for the oxygen and will help with the formation of new hair cells. Remember you need these cells for good hair growth.

Add vitamin E to your scalp when massaging directly. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to repair cellular damage. If you suffer hair loss due to damaged cells, you can repair it and encourage more hair growth in the future. There are vitamin E creams and treatments available, but you can also get it from almond oil, aloe vera, and other popular skin and scalp treatments.

Look out for zinc treatment too. A zinc deficiency is linked to hair loss. It has natural healing properties and will help to prevent shedding. You can even slow down the natural decay of hair cells to slow down the small amounts of hair you will normally lose. Walnut oil is an excellent option for this.

Keep Your Stress Levels to a Minimum

You may have heard of a condition called alopecia. This is a condition that involves losing the hair. Sometimes the hair grows back, but sometimes it is lost for good. Teenagers can suffer from it, so it is important to understand a little more about it.

Alopecia is linked to stress, which is why managing your stress levels is important. There are other reasons for it, but stress is believed to be one of the main causes. This is because stress causes someother conditions and affects your ability to sleep and manage your hormone levels.

When your cortisol (stress hormone) levels are high, your body can start to shed its hair. It is a natural symptom of high-stress levels, but one that you can repair. The sooner you focus on managing your stress levels; the more positive the results will be.

The problem with stress is that it can be a troubling cycle. You can find it difficult to sleep and may find that your mental health suffers. This leads to you getting more stressed because you know you need to get it all under control. You are annoyed with yourself that you cannot sleep the night before an exam or you are awake at 4am and know you need to get up to work in an hour.

There are a few stress management techniques that you can try. Getting more exercise is one of the best options. Try something that will help you unwind and release as many happy hormones as possible. Yoga is often recommended for those with horrible stress levels. There’s an element of spirituality within this exercise, and some yoga instructors add an aspect of meditation.

We all find an activity and stress relieving method that works best for you. Find yours. It could be to write in a journal, create collages, or even do some coloring. There are now many adult coloring books that help people unwind and relax after a long day.

Manage Your Hormone Levels

Alopecia is linked to issues with your hormone levels. The problem is managing your levels often easier said than done.

Androgenic alopecia is one of the most common types, especially in teenagers. It involves a testosterone derivative called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is an androgen. There may be other similar androgens that affect your hair loss. The hormone makes the hair follicles shrink, so they cannot produce hair through them.

The only way to manage this hormone level is through medical help. You may need to take medication to help improve it.

Annoyingly, there may be all types of reasons for the hormone imbalance. Birth control pills, some medications, ovarian cysts, and even pregnancy can affect hormone levels. Doctors often struggle to figure out exactly why their patients are struggling with androgenic alopecia or whether the hair loss is due to another hormone.

Polycystic ovarian disease/syndrome (PCOS) is a highly prevalent reason for young teenagers to suffer from hair loss. PCOS causes problems with the hormones and can cause androgens to manifest quicker. This can lead to thinning and loss of the hair.

Your doctor will help you locate the exact reason for your hair loss. It can take a while, so you may want to use wigs or hairpieces to help cover up the condition until you get your hormones back in balance.

Minimize Your Hot Tool Use for Hair Styling

Do you like to use many hair products? Maybe you style your hair with straightening irons or curling wands daily. This is not going to do your hair any good. When you use heat on your hair, you are damaging it and sometimes beyond repair. You can destroy the cells within your scalp, especially if you let the heat get too close.

Hairstyling is popular in the teenage years. You want to look good for school and when out with your friends. It is easy to think that the styling is not going to affect you until you get older.

When you damage your hair, it breaks. This can be anywhere on the strand, leaving you with a thinner mop to work with. Moreover, thin hair breaks exceptionally easily, which can mean far more damage with just one use of the heated tools then if you had thicker hair.

If you are going to use heated tools, make sure you use a protective spray. However, try to minimize your use as much as possible.

Moreover, don’t forget about other hair care. Brushing your hair should be done gently. Don’t be tempted to pull at the knots and tangles as hard as you can. Work them out of your locks slowly and gradually to avoid breaking and damaging your hair. It is also worth using a moisturizing product to help avoid drying out the hair, especially if you have a dry scalp. Look out for nourishing agents that you can apply directly to the scalp.

Protect the scalp at all costs. This is where your hair follicles are and where the strength will build from.

Avoid playing with the hair. Twisting with your fingers can lead to strands getting tangled and caught. This will just lead to breakages throughout the day.

Get a New Hair Style

Not sure about the lack of heated tools? While not try a new hairstyle to help encourage no tool use? A shorter look is not just good for styling, but it can be revitalizing for you and your locks. Even changing the color can be right, if you do not do it too often.

Start by chopping your hair shorter. This will instantly add more bounce and can make it look thicker. If you have fragile hair, your stylist will be able to suggest a few styles to make your hair appear thicker than it is. Your stylist may suggest a perm, which quickly adds volume and will last much longer than simple curls.

It is easier to make lighter colored hair appear thicker than darker colored ones. The light reflects from the lighter shades. You will need to stay on top of the coloring, so talk to your stylist about using a dye that isn’t damaging to your hair. Using too much bleach can cause your hair loss to get worse.

Make sure you visit your hair stylist regularly, even if it is just for trim. Staying on top of your dead ends will help to avoid tangles and prevent the hair breaking and becoming damaged.

Consider Laser Treatments

One of the more severe hair loss solutions is laser treatments. Not all are suitable for teenagers, but some are. You will need to discuss this option with your doctor before trying it.

Laser treatments vary. The most suitable ones will help to reduce inflammation within the scalp. Inflammation can cause the hair follicles to shrink accidentally. Rather than having space for the hair to grow, the hair becomes trapped. It looks like you are losing your hair, but it is just a side effect of the condition. Unfortunately, left too long, the hair cells can end up dying.

If your doctor finds that inflammation is the problem, they may suggest this type of laser treatment.

Another type encourages the growth of cells. The lasers help to waken the hair cells, making them grow hair faster and more efficiently. Some people swear by laser treatments to encourage new hair growth afterhairloss.

Treat Your Teen’s Hair Loss

The options above offer solutions pre-and post hair loss. Nothing is 100% guaranteed, but they will help to encourage your hair cell growth and health. Doing this is essential to make sure the cells rejuvenate when they should and grow more hair.

If you are worried about hormonal imbalances or too many androgens, you will need to talk to your doctor. This is the best way to have the right tests carried out to get the right treatment for the condition.

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