7 Quick and Easy Fixes for No-Time Party Hairs


When women attend parties, they usually put a lot of effort into choosing their outfit, accessories, and shoes. Some women even have their hair and makeup done before going to a party. Aside from this, women also have their hair styled at the salon or they even style their hair at home. The hairstyle is very important as this can make or break the whole look. There are so many different hairstyles out there and they’re suitable for different hair lengths too.

A woman’s hairstyle should suit her face and it would be dependent on the length and type of her hair too. For some women though, they feel like styling their hair is a hassle as it takes a lot of effort. Either that or during the party, their hairstyle gets unraveled and they’re left with messy locks! No matter what the situation is, let’s look at some quick and easy party hairstyles which don’t take too much time and effort:

A Messy Bun

There are some days when women are just having an unruly hair day. This means all their hairs are going in different directions and it’s impossible to get everything into place. In such cases, it’s best to just cut all her losses and put all that messy hair up.

In fact, there’s nothing better than a curly, messy bun. And the best part is that it’s so simple to do! Simply gather all the hair into a high and loose bun without worrying too much about the pieces that fall out. Then tie the bun with an elastic and keep on adjusting the placement of the curls or stray hairs. To have a softer look, pull out a couple of wisps around the hairline. Doing this will also make it seem like more effort was put into the hairstyle.

Knotted Styles

Knotted styles are easy and chic too. The top knot is so effortless and easy, but it will make anyone look great at parties. In fact, it’s one of the easiest hairstyles women with long hair can do. It’s also great for those with curls or with medium-length hair. Just tie the hair up in a knot and keep everything in place using bobby pins.

Some women don’t like the top know style thought. But there’s also a low know style one can do. It’s another easy hairstyle and it’s flexible too. Simply gather all the hair in a know either at the center or the side then secure with bobby pins. This can be worn either messy or polished depending on the party’s theme.

Easy Braids

Braids are also easy to do and there are so many styles of braids than women can choose whichever is appropriate for the occasion. One style is to make a hairline braid right around the forehead to serve as a focal point. This makes a cool-looking braid that’s easy and quick. Then use a texturizing spray to mist the hair lightly and make them stay in place. Finally, pin the braid behind the ear to finish off the look.

Another lovely braided hairstyle is the swept braid. It’s simple and can be done in a couple of minutes. Just braid the hair from the top and go all the way down to one side of the head. Then complete the hairstyle with side-swept bangs to make it look edgy.

Aside from braiding the hair, braids can also have a different function. Women can use braids to tame their curly hair. First, wet the hands with some water and start braiding the hair tightly on each side of the head. After ten minutes or so, unwind the braids and enjoy the look and feel of the perfect waves.

Effortless Waves and Curls

Speaking of curls, women can also go for the effortless look with some waves and curls. Try shoulder-length curls straight from Hollywood. And the best part is, women don’t have to make use of styling tools which may cause damage just to get the look. There are many ways to curl the hair without using any heat. Try to experiment with twists, braids, and Bantu knots. Leave them overnight and unravel the hair right before the party.

For those with long hair, curls and waves will make them look very stylish. One can leave the hair undone (or at least looking undone) or tie the hair up in a classy ponytail. Then the waves will cascade downwards for a classy, timeless hairstyle.


No one can go wrong with a ponytail. A lot of women feel like this hairstyle is boring, but it doesn’t have to be. One can add a twist to the classic ponytail in a literal way. Just tie the hair up then divide it into two parts. Twist one of the parts and wrap it around the other to create a casual and fun look.

A knotted ponytail can be a lot of fun too. This is simply a cross between a braid and a ponytail without being too complicated. And the wonderful thing about this is that it works with different lengths of hair too. A high ponytail would also look great for any party. It’s especially ideal for those who don’t have much hair volume. A high ponytail is also excellent for women who have a great cheekbone structure or a lovely jawline. Want to go for a trendier version? Then go for a wrapped ponytail. It’s a practical hairstyle which will make any woman look cool without having to put in too much effort.

Fancy (But Easy) Updo

Here’s a fancy hairstyle that’s quite popular because of how easy it is to do. The point of this hairstyle is to look disheveled yet chic. In fact, there’s no right or wrong way to do this hairstyle. Simply drape the hair and pin to secure in place. Before doing this hairstyle though, one must add texture to the hair first. To do this, apply mist the hair using a sea salt spray and a dry texturizing spray then use some volume powder to add texture.

After prepping the hair, take the bottom layer and tie it into a ponytail at the nape. This will serve as the anchor for the bobby pins to secure the updo. Then start arranging wisps of the hair into a formation and use pins or clips to fasten them into place. Finally, finish off the look with a hairspray.

Add Some Accessories!

Finally, another terrific way to make the hair or any hairstyle shine for a party is to add some accessories. For one, braided hairstyles would look great with rings pierced into the braids. These kinds of accessories work well with twisted hairstyles too for a cool and edgy look.

For those who want to make a glittery statement, try adding some silver or gold tinsels in the hair. Strew these accessories strategically, though to look cool rather than trashy or odd. For a more feminine feel, try adding some flowers to the hair. Such accessories will add a lovely element to any hairstyle. Flowers are also suitable for different party themes so it’s one type of accessory to consider.

One can also try using some ethnic hair accessories. A hair wrap is an excellent way to show off your style and individuality. It’s best to pair a printed hair wrap with an elegant black dress or another plain attire. A scarf would work well too, and there are many tutorials online on how to use scarves, bandannas, and other ethnic accessories to enhance hairstyles.

Cool Hair Hacks for When You Need to Fix Your Hair in a Jiffy

When women attend parties, most of them need time to prepare themselves. However, there are many times when they’re in a rush and they have no time to wash their hair let alone fix it. Still, they would like to look well-prepared and this is where easy and quick hair fixes are very important. To help, here are some cool hair hacks to try before or during parties:

  • Those who have dirty hair, meaning they didn’t have time to wash their hair, can camouflage it using braids. We’ve discussed some great braided styles and any one of them to look great even during bad hair days.
  • Using dry shampoo is another popular hack. This product is very useful especially on days when women didn’t wash their hair and it’s already quite greasy. Just spritz the product all over the hair and roots then blow dry to make the hair look lovely and fresh.
  • A headband can also make the hair look better. Either use a plain, embellished, or sparkly headband to hide greasy hair effectively. This hair accessory will also make one look perky and cute.
  • Using a hairdryer then styling the hair also works wonders. Doing this will give the hair a lift and help get rid of any oil build-up to make it look like it’s just been washed.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to wash their hair can do this simple hack instead. Make the hair washing process shorter by just washing the sides and the front of the hair, condition, then blow dry it.
  • Baby powder is great for getting rid of oil. Sprinkle some powder on the hands then run them through the hair especially at the roots. The baby powder will absorb the grease well. This will give the hair a fresh look and smell instantly.
  • Finally, a hairclip that’s strategically-placed can also make a great impression. Think of an easy hairstyle to do and accessorize it with a hair clip that fits into the theme of the party.

Common Hair Problems and How to Fix Them

As we’ve mentioned previously, the hairstyle will make or break the whole look. That’s why it’s important to know these clever tips, tricks, and quick-fixes to make even the most common hair problems go away. Here are ways of dealing with these hair problems:

  • Bedhead happens when one oversleeps right before the party. This look doesn’t look good on anyone but fortunately, it’s quite easy to remedy. Those who have bedhead can benefit a lot from a braided hairstyle. Yes, braids come to the rescue once again.
  • Frizz is another common problem that a lot of women experience and it’s especially common when it’s dry or cold out. To prevent this problem, use a conditioning mask once a week or when conditioning the hair, leave it for a while longer. Right before the party, one can use some hairspray then brushing the hair lightly to tame it.
  • For those with oily hair, dry shampoo is the best answer. Lift the hair, spray the dry shampoo evenly, then let it sit for a couple of minutes before using a hairbrush.
  • Women who wear hats frequently know what “hat head” looks like. Those who have this problem can simply switch the part of their hair. Before putting the hat on, switch the part of the hair then bring it back after taking the hat off.
  • Unruly bangs can also be quite frustrating for a lot of women. When trying to grow bangs out, there’s a phase where the length is awkward making the bangs very challenging to style. In these cases, it’s best to use accessories to deal with the bangs. Bobby pins, clips, and more can help fix unruly bangs.
  • While some women must deal with frizz, others must deal with flat hair. This type of hair often looks thin and boring when it isn’t styled properly. To get volume instantly, use a curling iron to style the hair. One can also spritz some hairspray on the roots’ underside, let it dry, then run the hands through the hair to boost the volume.
  • For those who have uncolored roots, a curling iron will also be very beneficial. Adding some volume to the hair makes the part less-visible to hide those mismatched roots. This is especially helpful for those with straight hair and a straight part
  • We’ve discussed different ponytail styles but sometimes, ponytails can end up being bumpy. There are two ways to get rid of that frustrating bump. One can either wet the hair or apply heat on it. Otherwise, one can also do a double ponytail to prevent the bump from occurring.
  • Curls which are out-of-control never look good. For a neater look, try to twist the hair back. This will give the impression that the waves are under control. Divide the hair into 2 sections then twist the sections back for a quick fix. This will also make the hair look more refined. Check out more info on best fragrance free hairspray here



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