7 Must Know Skin Health Treats From Your Favorite Spa


The spa is one of the best places to go to treat your skin. You will be able to relieve stress, improve your natural glow, and feel refreshed again. However, you do not just need to go to the spa for these benefits. You can get them all from home with the secrets from the spa,and it all starts with knowing how to get the benefits. You need to know the best treats to use on your skin to improve the look and overall health of your skin.

What do you need to know about skin health treats? Here are seven that are essential and easy to implement in your own home.

Make Sure All Treatments Are Organic

The best thing you can do for your skin is to focus on organic treatments. There are plenty of pre-made options that are created from organic ingredients and through organic practices. You can also make your own from home with organic ingredients.

Why is organic so important? Well, our bodies will absorb 60% of the ingredients through the skin. That means you get a mixture of everything that is put into your body. If your product is full of chemicals and toxins, you are going to absorb them all into your body. Getting all these toxins and chemicals is not just bad for your skin but is also bad for your overall health.

However, when it does come to your skin health, the chemicals and toxins react in a variety of ways. You may find yourself sensitive to them, leading to rashes and irritations. Inflammation and redness are widespread. These can lead to other skin and health problems, including dry and blocked pores. You are more likely to suffer from acne and dry skin conditions.

At the same time, the chemicals can disrupt the natural oil production. This could go either way but usually leads to not enough oils being produced. You end up with dry and flaky skin. Moreover, conditions like psoriasis and eczema become more prevalent.

If you do end up with more oils being produced, you can end up with a higher chance of acne. Your pores become blocked quicker throughout the day.

With organic treats, your skin is looked after from the chemicals. You can get more nutrients to help support the release of hormones and balance out the body’s actions. You will keep inflammation to a minimum and help promote any skin conditions that you do have.

Use a Body Brush Across All Your Skin

Want to exfoliate naturally and efficiently? Your favorite spas will step away from the products and use a dry brush instead. Dry brushing helps to remove the dead skin cells and improve the circulation around the area. Your skin’s health is instantly improved in a multitude of ways.

You do not need anything special for this skin health treat. Just grab a dry brush with bristles that will remove cells but aren’t hard enough to scratch your skin. You do not want to cut your skin while doing this, as this just leads to a higher chance of inflammation and infection.

Rub the brush across your whole body. Work in circular motions to help increase the circulation of the blood, bringing it closer to the surface of your skin.

When you exfoliate, you help to open and clear the pores. The healthy skin cells will usually sit underneath dead ones, so they come out to shine when you get rid of the dead ones on top. You are speeding up the natural process, helping to unblock pores and prevent the acne-causing bacteria from growing in the pores.

At the same time, the increased blood circulation adds more oxygen and brightness to your skin. It appears healthier than ever before,and you will find the oil production becomes more natural and sustained. It is possible to avoid some skin conditions just by improving the blood flow to the skin.

Mix Aloe, Jojoba, and Citrus Juices Together

Finding products that you can safely put on your skin is important. While you want to look for organic, you also want to look at the way the products will sit on your skin and your pores. It is essential to find something that adds nourishment to your skin to ensure its health deep within the pores.

Many spas have started to use Juice Beauty’s products. They are juice-based, mixing citrus juices with shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and grape seed oil. The mixture of products does not just sit on the skin like many other oils out there. They are absorbed deep within the layers, helping to absorb many more of the health benefits linked to the products.

Aloe vera is excellent for soothing the skin and healing cuts, bites, and inflammation. It is full of vitamin E, helping to support the health of the skin cells. Meanwhile, the oils and shea butter will help to add more moisture to the skin. They support the production of collagen, helping to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

Then there are the nutritious benefits of citrus juices. You will get plenty of vitamin C through them, offering help for the immune system and the skin cells. There are also brightening agents within the citrus juices, mainly grapefruit and lemon. They will help to improve changes in your pigmentation, hiding the signs of aging and sun damage.

The citrus juices will also help to cleanse the skin. You can improve the look and size of the pores, preventing bacteria growth and minimizing the chance of acne development.

You can use the products that spas buy, or you can look at making your own. When making your own, make sure you get natural and organic materials. You want to avoid any chance of chemicals being absorbed into your skin.

Get a Crystal Salt Soak

Some spas have started using Crystal Salt Harmony products for a full mineral bath soak. You can use the branded product, or you can mix your ingredients to create the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Crystal Salt Harmony uses salt that is packed with minerals and infused with rosewood, jojoba, and lavender oils. Each of the ingredients has their health benefits and will promote skin healing and nourishment in a variety of ways.

First of all, the mineral salts will add the lost minerals back into your skin. These minerals help with the natural oil product and cleansing of the body. You will get rid of more bacteria from the skin, leaving your pores free and open. By removing all the dirt, you can work on shrinking your pores and let them no longer become a significant issue in your skin health.

The oils will help to add more moisture to the skin. They have been used throughout the centuries to ease inflammation and redness, improve the cleansing of the pores, and relax the muscles. When the body feels relaxed, you will reduce the number of stress hormones circulating the body. By minimizing these hormones, you improve your natural oil production and reduce the risk of a variety of skin conditions.

Make your salt crystals with Epsom salts (they are mineral salts) and the oils mentioned above. Soak in them at the end of the day and feel your worries work away.

Get a Deep Cleansing Mask

Look out for a deep cleansing mask. This is something that many spas will invest in because they know so many people need one. Some of the best masks involve clays.

Why clay? Well, the ingredient is known for drawing out impurities and toxins from the skin. You offer a detox for your skin, helping to get rid of all the reasons for your skin conditions. However, there is a downside to clay: it’s extremely drying. This is not something for those with dry or sensitive skin, especially on its own.

You can opt for a blend of clays with some honey and neem oil. The two extra ingredients help to add moisture to the skin while the clays get to work. When you use natural and raw ingredients, you will also avoid adding more chemicals to the skin that the clays need to remove.

Honey is also known for its skin care benefits. It will add antioxidants to the skin, cleansing deeply and improving the health of the cells. You will fight against free radicals that cause oxidative stress and cause the signs of aging within the skin. Of course, the neem oil will also help to keep the moisture to avoid stretch marks, fine lines, and other similar signs of aging.

Make sure you cleanse your skin of makeup before you apply a clay face mask. You want to apply to clear skin to avoid extra work on clearing the toxins from the layers of skin.

You’ll only need a clay mask once a week or so. If you want something you can use more frequently between the clays, you’ll want the next skin health treat.

Create a Honey Mask for Smoothing and Brightening

As mentioned, honey is an excellent ingredient for your skin health. You want to get raw honey to avoid chemicals and preservatives, but it is worth the money. The honey will help to brighten and smooth your skin, especially when you add a range of other ingredients.

Beauty spas like Manuka Honey Masks. They have a mixture of apricot, papaya, and sage extracts. The extracts will add more antioxidants to the skin, detoxifying the layers and improving the whole health of the skin. You offer more nutrients to help reduce inflammation and signs of aging.

Altogether, the mask will leave the skin feeling far more hydrated than ever before. You get a soft feeling, especially if you’re used to the flaky or dry skin. You can reduce inflammation and cystic acne within days.

Out of all the treatments, this is something that is perfect for all skin conditions. Those with dry skin will find they get more moisture, while those with oily skin get a deep cleanser that will remove the excess oils. You’re in a win-win situation.

Improve the Collagen with the Perfect Cleansing Balm

The Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is something that is extremely popular with many spa-goers. This product does not just help to improve the moisture of the skin. It helps to improve the collagen production.

It’s the collagen that helps to control the signs of aging. As we get older, our skin becomes lazy. The collagen production drops,and we’re left with skin that isn’t as elastic as it used to be. Think of the skin like an elastic band. When the band is overstretched, it appears with tears and never goes back to its old shape. This is what happens if you do not get enough collagen in the skin.

You can encourage the production of more collagen with a mixture of oils and butters to moisturize. Almond and jojoba seed oils are popular, with a mixture of shea butter. The ingredients are full of vitamin A, which helps with the collagen production levels. Some companies will also use coconut oil, although this is not the greatest ingredient for those with oily skin.

The skin will look brighter than ever before. It also looks brighter, improving the appearance of healthy skin. Due to all the nutrients in the oil, you can reduce the signs of aging and redness. You’ll get a natural glow that makes you look 10 years younger instantly.

Get the Right Products for Your Skin

The top skin health treats are all used by beauty spas around the world. It is time to follow their lead in your beauty treatments at home. Look after your skin by getting rid of the chemicals and finding products that will help to detoxify, cleanse, and replenish moisture into the skin. You will not only find that your skin looks better, but you will also feel it is smoother it too. You’ll have the appearance of someone much younger than you really are and will be more inclined to show it off.

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