6 Top Travel Skincare Tips: Keep Your Skin Healthy When You Travel


Are you confused about how to take care of your skin when you hit the road? Well, it is important to understand that travel skin care needs to be different than home skin care. This is because your skin might face some changes once you get out of your house.

So, how do you do it? You may have to accommodate some changes in your skin care regime. To, make your next holiday skin-friendly, we have devised a set of tips that will help you take care of your skin when you are away from your home.

#1 Know The Climate

It is important to decrease the number of things you are going to pack. Do some research on the weather forecast and climate of the place where you are visiting. This will help you a lot in deciding what you should take with you. Will you be in humid weather or a dry one? You should prepare yourself for high winds, moisture loss or breakouts. If you are traveling to a place with drier weather, then it will be better to replenish the moisture in your skin. Lightweight moisturizers and serums are the best choices for the same. If you are going to a place with humid weather, carry an exfoliator that can help you get rid of dead cells. A cleanser that contains salicylic acid will also be of real help.

#2 Get Packing

Now that you have an idea of what your skin is going to be up against, it’s time to get packing. If you are traveling by flight, then the amount of things you can carry on a plane is even more limited. But, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your skincare. Think of this trip as a chance to give your skin a much-needed break from the harsh skin care and beauty products you use on a daily basis. You might even get an idea about what kind of skincare products you need. Get down to the very basics like moisturizer, sunscreen, and a cleanser. You can take a face oil with you, this way you need not carry an extra eye cream.

#3 Moisturize Your Skin

You can apply a good moisturizer even before you board the plane or hit the road. While traveling by plane or car the air conditioner is your biggest enemy as it can dry up the skin. You can carry some face mask sheets that will help in boosting hydration. If you know your destination and have some time to spare, you can always book a facial at a spa.

#4 Skip Makeup

Every one of us wants to look our best during a long trip. But, let’s face it, makeup can get smudged or ruined if it is a long journey. Heavy makeup can also dry up your skin adding more to the drying effect of airplane flights. So, it is better if you wear a tinted moisturizer only. If you can’t avoid makeup, wear a primer before you put on makeup. This will give you additional skin protection, and your makeup will stay put.

#5 Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

This is a colossal mistake many of us make while traveling. When at a public place, we come in contact with many germs. So, when we touch our faces, we are transmitting all these germs to our skin. This can later contribute to pimples and acne breakouts. If you have to touch your face, use an oil blotter or tissue as a protective layer between your hands and face.

#6 Eat And Drink Healthy

In addition to the products you use to keep your skin healthy from the outside, it is also important to keep your skin healthy from the inside. Ensure that you carry on a healthy lifestyle while you travel as well. Exercise, eating healthy meals and drinking ample amount of water are the best ways to keep your skin at its best. Good skin begins from within. So, don’t just rely on skincare products. Stay hydrated and engage in some physical activity when you have time to spare.

Other Tips

• If you find that you have developed under eye circles while traveling, get some crushed ice and a towel. Then, apply it like an ice pack.

• Never forget your sunscreen. It is better to use your sunscreen even when you are on a plane all day. This way your skin can effectively combat the harmful UV rays coming through the windows.

• If you have oily skin, make sure that you carry blotting tissues with you that you can use while traveling.

Adhering to the tips listed above will Fix Your Skin and keep it beautiful even when you are miles away from home. Happy vacation!

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