6 Skin Benefits Of Doing A Detox Weekly


You will hear all about health benefits of doing a weekly detox. Some doctors recommend it for a healthier lifestyle and dieticians who believe it will help you lose weight quicker. However, there are many more benefits (some of which are physical and visible) to your body.

Your skin is one part of your body that highly benefits from a weekly detox. You may not notice it at first, but you will soon find that blemishes clear up and you are left with smoother and more glowing skin.

Not sure how you will benefit? Here are six ways your skin benefits from doing a detox weekly.

What Does a Detox Involve?

Before we get the benefits, let’s look into what a weekly detox will involve. Your body will collect chemicals and toxins throughout the day. This is perfectly normal, whether it is through the food you eat or the pollution within the air. The toxins are absorbed through the skin and other vessels within your body.

The kidneys and liver will work their hardest to get rid of all the toxins. Some people view detoxes as a waste of time since the body naturally gets rid of things that shouldn’t be there. However, there’s no harm in giving it a helping hand. This is especially the case as more exhaust fumes, and other pollutants are released into the air.

A detox will involve changing your diet and skin care routine. It will involve the expedited removal of toxins from the body, whether out through the skin or your body’s waste.

When you get rid of the toxins, here’s how your skin will benefit.

You will Get Rid of Puffiness in the Skin

Let’s start with the natural puffiness of the skin. When toxins build up, your inflammatory responses kick off. Inflammation is a natural element of your body’s immune system. Unfortunately, it sets off quite frequently naturally, attacking things that it should not. This is because it views some particles as a threat.

When it comes to the toxins, it correctly views them as threats. It sets off and causes problems within the skin. You are more likely to see some swelling, and you can end up with a buildup of dead skin cells within the pores. The pores become blocked, encouraging the growth of acne-causing bacteria within them. You then break out in more acne than you would have done you not set off the inflammatory response.

Puffiness also leads to redness of the skin. You can look like you are reacting to elements of the air. Your skin becomes irritated and sore easily, and you can find yourself suffering from a range of other skin conditions, including eczema.

Your skin cells also suffer from the puffiness. The new cells cannot shine through, leaving your skin looking dull and boring. When you detox and get rid of the dead cells, your new cells come through, and the growth of them is further encouraged. This means your skin is healthier and more protected.

All this because you have managed to avoid the puffiness of the skin!

To detox and to remove the puffiness, look out for bristled brushes. You want to brush away the dead skin cells and improve the natural blood circulation. This will help to get rid of the inflammatory response.

Restore Your natural pH Balance

The pH level within the body should be more alkaline than acidic. If the balance is out (either way) there are issues with the look and feel of the skin. More inflammation is common, and there can be a problem with the collagen production. This can lead to issues like fine lines, signs of aging, and other conditions are appearing on the skin.

Impurities within the skin will upset the pH balance. They will also upset the hormonal balance. Both of these can lead to blocked pores, upset natural oil production balance, and more. You are at a higher risk of developing blackheads and acne on a daily basis. Your skin can feel drier or oilier than ever before.

When you balance out the pH levels, your skin will become less sensitive. The natural oil production will balance out, so you do not have to use as many products to help remove excess or add extra oil to your skin. This can help to prevent the blocking of pores, which just leads to more bacteria growing within the pores and leads to acne issues.

Balancing the pH levels will also help to balance the hormones. A lack of balanced hormones will also lead to problems with the oil production. It can also cause issues with the cell growth, resultingin more dead cells and a lack of beautiful glow within the skin.

Keeping a good pH and hormonal balance will also help to reduce the risk of skin infections. Your immune system can tackle the problem, rather than tackle other issues at the same time.

Help Your Skin Remove Impurities

Did you know your skin is one of the ways to naturally detox? The impurities come out through the pores to escape, often through your sweat. When you go on a weekly detox, you help your skin do part of its natural job. You will aid with the removal of the impurities, making your skin far more effective and healthier.

This is essential for your overall health. You will get rid of far more impurities on a daily basis. This means your body is affected by less.

However, your skin also benefits considerably. Not as many impurities are leaving the body through the skin. There is less chance of the impurities getting trapped in the pores. You lower the risk of developing some skin conditions due to the way the impurities are leaving your body, including eczema and psoriasis.

You can also help decrease the amount of work your skin has to do. This can help your skin focus on looking and appearing healthier than it initially would. It does notlook as tired, and the cells are not affected as much. You will find it is easier to fight against signs of aging, as the cells have all the support they need.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer and Aging

Let’s not deny that the skin is at the forefront of protecting against cancer and aging. The skin soaks in the natural UV rays that can lead to cells dying and becoming damaged. UV rays are linked to aging, dehydration, and cancer. You want to do as much as possible to protect your skin from damage.

Weeklydetoxing is one of the best ways that you can do that. You can make sure that all the right nutrients are taken in within the skin, fighting against any of the signs of aging that the sun’s rays are causing. You can reduce the appearance of dry skin, dark spots, blemishes, fine lines, and much more.

At the same time, you protect the skin cells. Detoxing weekly will help to remove the impurities in other ways. Your skin does not have to deal with as many chemicals forcing their way through the pores. Your skin cells can rejuvenate better, protecting against the formation of cancer.

A detoxifying diet will also help to add more antioxidants to your body. This naturally helps to protect against the risk of aging and cancer.

Antioxidants fight against the free radicals within the body. These free radicals affect growing and dying cells, causing them to grow back abnormally. The free radicals are one of the reasons for dark spots and age blemishes to appear on the skin. The free radicals can also affect the growth of collagen, which can lead to more wrinkles. Free radicals are also linked to cancer.

You will also get rid of pollutants from the body. This is essential if you want to reduce the risk of other skin and body cancers. Pollutants can include some carcinogenic elements, which have been linked to severe cancers throughout the body. While you cannot stop them being absorbed completely, you can reduce the amount that is absorbed and that affect your cells through a healthy, detox diet on a weekly basis. You will make it easier for your body to get rid of them.

Keep the Collagen Levels Up

Detoxing weekly will also help to boost your levels of collagen. We have already discussed this element of the skin in passing, but not fully touched on what collagen does or how it is created. Proteins and vitamin A will help with the production of collagen in the skin. Water is also necessary. Dry, irritated skin will have low levels of collagen, which can make your conditions worse.

Detoxifying will involve adding more water to your diet. This is the best way to help flush out all the chemicals and impurities within the body. More water means that your skin gets the fluids needed to avoid dryness deep within the layers. You will see a better level of collagen created within the body.

Collagen is necessary for the elastic nature of skin. Think of the skin like an elastic band. It should stretch but return to its natural state afterward. If it stretches too far, it breaks and remains loose and stretchedafterward. It cannotreturn to its original state, just like an elastic band does not when overstretched.

Low collagen levels will lead to overstretching sooner rather than later. This means you are at a higher risk of developing fine lines and wrinkles. However, well-hydrated skin is less likely to suffer from low collagen levels. This can mean more stretchy and youthful looking skin. You do not get the crows feet around your eyes or must worry as much about stretch marks within your skin. Of course, the happier you are on your skin, the healthier it will look!

Your Skin Will Look Healthier

There’s no denying that with a weekly detox program, your skin will look healthier than ever before. It has a better natural glow since the new skin cells shine through. You get rid of the dead cells, which are naturally duller and will overshadow the new. There’s also the ability to get rid of the redness and inflammation that makes your skin look duller and less healthy.

When you get healthier looking skin, you will feel more positive within yourself. You have more body confidence, and this will help to balance your hormones further. You will get extra skin benefits through this, as your natural oil production is not upset by a lack of hormonal balance within your body.

It is a big circle when you opt for a weekly detox and in a good way. You start to see benefits and feel good because of them. You want to keep up that feeling, so your skin has to do less work on a daily basis to get rid of impurities. It is healthier, younger, and will feel much better.

Start Your Weekly Detox

There are many reasons to do a weekly detox. Doctors and dieticians will tell you all about the inner health and weight loss benefits. There are certainly many truths to them. What most won’t tell you are all the skin benefits.

Your skin gains due to the lack of impurities going through the pores. After all, the skin is one way for impurities to escape, but this can lead to pore blocking. The pores become the perfect home for bacteria, which just leads to acne on your skin. The impurities can cause pH imbalances, which then also lead to your skin looking worse for wear.

Eventually, your skin looks tired and older than it should. It will feel rough and will make you feel bad.

With a detox, you can get rid of the impurities quickly. Your skin has a beautiful and natural glow. It looks years younger than ever before, filling you with confidence and the right hormones. What are you waiting for? Start your weekly detox today!

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