5 Makeup Tips You Need Before Going Out


makeup-tips-image-design-1You’re getting ready to go out. The outfit and shoes are all sorted, and the accessories are falling into place. Even your hair is ready. All you need now is to look the part with your makeup.

This is the big problem for many women. We just don’t know how to get the right shades or apply the right techniques. Often, we rely on a few simple tricks to just cover up the blemishes and hide the dark bags under our eyes—and even then, we’re not completely successful!

Well, you don’t need to worry any more. We have all the tips that you could possibly need right here. Before you go out, it’s time to get your makeup just right. You won’t just be able to hide the blemishes, but you’ll be able to create a glow that your friends will be jealous of.

These tips won’t take hours to apply. You won’t have to spend a fortune on the right bits of makeup. It’s all about getting just the right angles and applying your makeup in just the right order.

So, let’s not waste time. Here are five makeup tips that you need before going out.

Tighten Your Skin with Egg Whites

separated egg white and yolk

No matter what type of makeup you use or the tricks you apply, your skin can still look saggy. You can also still end up with oils pulling through during your night out. It’s time to get your skin as tight as possible before you even think about applying the makeup.

This is where egg whites come into play. They’re excellent for tightening the pores and reducing the sight of wrinkles. You’ll also add protein directly into the skin to help with the collagen production. More collagen means that your skin is far more flexible and healthy-looking. Even if you’re not applying makeup, you should consider using egg white masks.

But before you apply your makeup for a night out, apply an egg white mask to your face. Leave it on for around 20 minutes. You’ll feel it working on your skin. Make sure the egg whites are frothy before you apply them to your skin. After the 20 minutes, just rinse off the egg whites with some lukewarm water. Cold won’t quite get the egg whites completely off, even though cold is good for keeping the pores tight.

Apply the makeup immediately after using the egg white mask. This helps to prevent the pores opening up and starting to secrete the oils out of your skin and into your makeup. You’ll also be able to use the makeup to keep the pores tight throughout the night.

You can also use whole eggs for a face mask. When the yolks are also used, you’ll have a hydrating facial mask for your night out prep. Not only will you get tighter pores, but you’ll also have a natural glow that you can’t get from any makeup!

Apply Your Blusher First


Because of the name of the foundation, it makes sense that we believe this should be applied first. In most cases, it should, but there is a benefit to applying it second. The first thing to apply is your blusher to your cheeks.

A bit of a rosy tint before you apply your foundation will make the glow look more natural. It looks like it comes up from your skin, rather than clearly being applied over the top.

You’ll still need to choose a rosy colour that works with your skin tone. Paler tones will get away with pinker shades when it comes to their blusher. If you have darker skin tones, you’ll need to consider the darker reds and light browns instead.

It’s actually worthwhile having two different shades of blusher, as the light will hit certain parts of your cheeks differently. Apply a pink around the outside of the cheekbone, with a coral colour on the highest point. These two shades together in this order will make it look like the heat is rising up on your cheeks. You can then opt for a bronzer around the rest of your face.

If you really want to make sure your blusher sticks around, then apply a gel layer first. This will create the sticky layer that keeps the powder on your face. Only apply a little, as you don’t want the blusher to look clumpy around your cheeks! You can also mix your blusher in with some moisturising cream to get the same benefit.

Did you know that you can also use Halloween makeup throughout the year? No, we don’t mean going out dressed up as all sorts of ghouls and monsters. Fake blood is something worth stocking up on, as it creates an excellent shade of red for the apple of your cheeks. And you’ll find it’s much cheaper than most of the blushers out there! Like with the regular blusher, you want to apply this to your cheeks before your foundation.

Work Your Foundation Thickness First

Make up powder

Your foundation may be the perfect shade, but some people find that it’s either too thick or not thick enough. The thick foundation will look clumpy, while foundation that is too thin won’t layer properly and cover everything up. You usually end up with streaky issues that you need to fix.

Well, it’s time to work the foundation thickness before you start applying it to your face. You can do this with the help of a bit of powder or some moisturising cream.

Let’s start with the foundation being too thick. Mix it in with your regular moisturising cream and then apply to your face. You’ll find that your foundation will go a lot further, getting you far more for your money. You’ll lose the streakiness and can help prevent your foundation from drying out your top layers of your skin—this is a major problem with many liquid foundations.

You can apply the foundation and moisturiser with your hands. If you prefer an applicator, make sure the two liquids are mixed together fully before applying.

When your foundation is too light, you’ll need to add some powder. You can use foundation powder or a little bit of talc if you want. Only use a small amount and make sure it blends into the liquid. The last thing you want is the clumpy foundation for your face!

Just apply the foundation as you usually would. You’ll often see that the foundation looks deeper and covers more across your face.

One of the best things you can apply before the foundation is some primer. We don’t always have it on hand, though. If that’s the case, pull out some cornstarch and pop that on your face first. This is especially the case if you have oily skin. The oils will cause the foundation to run and blotch, so the corn starch helps to soak the oils up.

You can also create a glow with your foundation by adding some white eye shadow. Like with the powder, you only want to apply a little bit of the eye shadow to your foundation to avoid it caking. A little will also help to prevent the foundation looking too pale. If you do have pale skin, try to use a pearl eye shadow instead of plain white.

Get the Right Shade of Lipstick

applying lipstick closeup

Bright red lipstick isn’t the way of the world anymore. If you get the wrong shade for your lips and skin, you will stand out for all the wrong reasons. So, it’s time to get the perfect shade.

We’ve often been told to test the colours on the back of our hands. However, this doesn’t really help us see how the colours will turn out on our lips. Instead, you’ll want to test the colours on your fingertips. The fingertips are mostly like our lips, so we’ll get a better idea.

Another way of checking is by looking at the colour of the inside of your mouth. Just pull your bottom lip down to see that shade. You’ll want a colour that either match that or is slightly darker to use on your actual lips.

You can use two colours when you are applying your lipstick. Start with one that works with your complexion for the whole lip. You’ll make your natural colour stand out more, and this is great if you want some daytime to make up that you can build on for the night.

Now you can pull out a bright red—something that works completely opposite to your natural complexion. Just apply this to the middle of your lips and blend in at the sides. Your lips will get this full look rather than seem thin and weak.

You can also create a fuller look through the uses of eyeliner. Yes, eyeliner on your lips will work! You’ll need a neutral coloured eyeliner that will blend in with the rest of your skin. Apply it to the outside edges of your lips, just to create a shape for the lipstick to follow. It’s perfect when you run it over the top lip to help prevent your lipstick from feathering outwards.

Apply Your Mascara Before Your Eyeliner

Woman eye with beautiful makeup and long eyelashes. Mascara Brus

Many of us will apply the eyeliner first and finish off the look with mascara. Did you know that you’re doing it all the wrong way? You need to apply the mascara first. This is especially the case if you’re using liquid eyeliner.

The mascara will help to create a line for your eyeliner to follow. Liquid eyeliners can be tricky, and often we smudge them, especially when applying with our less dominant hand. So, applying the mascara as a guide is the perfect way to get that cat-flick.

Applying the mascara first will also mean that you can get to the base of your lashes easily, without ruining the rest of your makeup. Use a brush to lift up your top lid and then fit the mascara right onto the base of your eyelashes. Wiggle the brush lightly to make sure the mascara doesn’t clump together at the bottom. Pull gently through your lashes, and you have the perfect start.

There’s no need to apply the mascara to your bottom lashes. Most people don’t even need to apply eyeliner here either. Focus on the top layers.

If you find your mascara clumping together or running out, you’ll need to apply a couple of drop of saline to the mix. Just a couple to loosen up those clumps and give your brush a swirl around the bottle. You’ll soon find that your mascara goes further and you save a little bit of money. You can also do this trick with liquid eyeliner!

For those who struggle to keep the eyeliner within the “lines,” you can get some tissue or paper to help guide. Place directly on your lids and allow the eyeliner to run along it. You’ll never have to worry about wonky lines every again!

If you do have puffy or overtired eyes, you’ll want to reduce the swelling first. You can pop some eye directly onto the lids if you’d like. Another option is to store your eye lotion in the fridge. It will be cool enough to apply directly to your skin and reduce the swelling or puffiness before using any other makeup.

It’s Time to Enjoy Your Night Out

Makeup mascara woman with hair rollers

With these tips, you won’t have to worry about how your makeup looks for your night out. These tips are all quick and easy to do, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. The one that will take the most time is your facial mask, but that’s certainly worth your time when it comes to getting the perfect look on the night.

During the night, you’ll only need a little bit of eyeliner and lipstick so you can top it up throughout the night. The lipstick is the most important since this will come off while drinking. The rest can stay at home, saving room in your bag and time in the bathroom!

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