5 Body Procedures You Have To Know This 2018


When the new year rolls in, many start looking at becoming a new person. Thinking about changes and improving yourself is a common resolution. That’s understandable. After all, the new year is viewed as a fresh start.

Some of the changes can be done by yourself. You can look at ways to boost your health and your fitness levels. It’s a chance to look at your lifestyle choices and your financial situation. But then there are also the looks at improving your body physically. You want to change your shape and your tone and that can mean a little extra work. Sometimes it means body procedures.

Body procedures aren’t all about tummy tucks and breast implants. While you can get them, there are some options available to all without too many invasive elements. These are the five body procedures you want to know for 2018 and you may even want to try them out!

Start with Microdermabrasion

For the last few years, microdermabrasion has increased in popularity. 2018 is your year to give it a try.

While technically cosmetic, microdermabrasion can offer a range of health benefits for the skin. Done by a professional, it’s a way to remove the damaged layers of your skin so the newer and brighter skin has a chance to shine through. If you tend to have a lot of dry skin or dead layers that you just can’t get rid of through normal exfoliating techniques, you’ll want to consider going through a microdermabrasion procedure.

This is a medically-proven form of skin care. Beauty technicians aren’t the only ones recommending it if you want to improve the look of your skin. You can get rid of blemishes and dark spots, reducing the signs of aging instantly. You will need to hire a professionally skilled beautician to carry out the work, though.

Microdermabrasion is something you’ll want to consider on a monthly or at least quarterly basis. Even if you care for your skin, you can improve the health of it through regular use of this procedure. It’s not painful and there are no long-lasting negative side effects. However, there may be some redness and tenderness afterward.

The process involves tiny grains being placed on the face through a buffer. The technician is literally buffering away at the skin, removing the dead layers. It can help not just to remove the dead skin cells but also the build-up of creams and lotions used throughout the day. The skin is left soft and smooth, with the pores clear.

After the process, your skin will be sensitive. You’ll want to protect with moisturizing creams and sunscreen to avoid damage to the newer layers.

It’s only the top layers of the skin that are buffed. Going further would permanently damage the skin. You want to talk to a technician to find out more about the process to make sure you have someone experienced and trained in the process.

Consider Dermaplaning to Open the Pores

If you want to go one step further in improving the skin on your face, you’ll want to consider the process of dermaplaning. Unlike microdermabrasion, this process uses a fine blade that scrapes the opt layer of skin from the face. Think of it like shaving but to remove the layers of dead skin instead of just the hair on the face.

You’ll gain a glowing complexion after the process and your pores will be opened. This can help to cleanse the skin properly, helping to improve the health of the lower layers and reduce the chance of acne forming. This can also help to manage cystic acne and chronic acne if you have sensitive skin.

By opening the pores and exposing more of the lower layers of the skin, it’s possible to improve the effectiveness of other treatments. Topical products can get to the layers necessary to work better.

Before opting for dermaplaning, make sure you find someone experienced and trained in the process. Since it uses a fine blade and exposes lower levels of the skin, it can be dangerous if done by the wrong person. This isn’t just a case of shaving off the top layers!

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types, but those with sensitive skin may want to take extra steps afterward. You’re exposing the more sensitive parts of the skin, which can cause extra redness and extra sensitivity to the elements and topical treatments. You will need to increase the sunscreen used afterward until the skin settles down in terms of sun sensitivity to avoid damage.

However, for most people, the redness is just temporary straight after the treatment. Within a few minutes, that redness should disappear. Most people can get the treatment on their lunch break and nobody at work would be any the wiser afterward.

One of the great things for women about dermaplaning is the ability to get rid of the peach fuzz. Yes, even women grow a little hair on their face and this can make makeup look uneven. In some cases, the hair can stand out because of the darkness. When you get the procedure done, you will remove all the peach fuzz as well, so you end up with a completely smooth layer of skin. The hair won’t grow back thicker or darker, contrary to popular belief.

Think About Getting Some Botox

Botox is not new. You will likely know someone who has had it done or is considering it. This is something that’s been mentioned on TV throughout the decades. However, it’s something you’ll want to consider for 2018, as the procedure has changed a little. There are now many myths surrounding Botox that have been debunked in recent years.

There’s this view that Botox leads to a frozen face. You will hear horror stories of people unable to make facial expressions because of the procedure. This isn’t what happens. The frozen face is an adverse reaction that is extremely rare. You will still be able to show your expressions and feelings on your face. The focus is on getting rid of the wrinkles.

Getting Botox at a younger age can help to improve the health of the skin in later years. You can reduce the chance of wrinkles developing in later years, so you increase the length of time your skin looks blemish free. It can help compliment your anti-wrinkle treatments, even making them more effective.

There are also medical benefits to getting Botox. It’s used to help treat migraines, muscular problems, and excessive sweating. You can improve the internal and mental health, which will help to improve the way you look on the outside.

Botox does use a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. This is a natural bacterium that is found in forests, lakes and other natural settings. It’s something that is found in the intestinal tracts of most fish and mammals, so you likely have it developing in your own body. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to infections, and the adverse reactions are extremely rare. In some severe cases, the bacteria can lead to a botulinum toxin. Your doctor will help manage this and your Botox technician will run through all the signs, but the risks are minimal.

The bacterium is injected in small amounts into the face. It helps to temporarily paralyze some of the muscles by preventing the message through the nerves passing through the body. The whole face isn’t frozen, though. One of the benefits is that the muscles can relax better, helping to reduce the strain and pain associated with worn out and tense muscles.

Look Out for Chemical Peels

If you want to improve the amount of collagen in the body, you’ll want to consider getting chemical peels. This body procedure helps to remove the top layers of skin and fight against the signs of aging. The extra support for collagen production doesn’t just help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines but can also help to fight against blemishes and dark spots. You end up looking years younger than you really are.

Collagen helps with the suppleness of the skin. You end up with a toner complexion throughout the body, which also supports a more youthful look.

Chemical peels work by removing some of the lower layers of the skin. While this would be dangerous with microdermabrasion, with chemical peels you won’t leave the tiny grains behind. You can get rid of some of the finer lines in the skin and even remove some scarring and sunspots. It’s possible to add new layers of collagen in the body to support the health.

Your pores will be made smaller if you have enlarged ones. This helps to reduce the number of bacteria that collect within the skin, reducing the risk of acne forming. It’s also possible to reduce cystic acne, which is common due to buildup within the middle layers of the skin.

On top of that, your skin feels smoother and softer. The skin is more receptive to topical treatments.

However, this isn’t a treatment for everyone. It’s not the best for those with sensitive or dry skin. The treatment can be much more drying and can lead to extra sensitivity. You will also need to remember to use extra sunscreen after the treatment and there may be some redness. It’s also important to look out for reactions to the chemicals used.

If you don’t want a chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing offers many of the same benefits. This tends to be more suited for other skin types, although can still be reactive to those with sensitive skin.

Consider Rhinoplasty for Better Health

A treatment that is growing in popularity is called rhinoplasty. This is also referred to as nose reshaping and offers a range of physical and mental benefits. Many celebrities, such as The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, have been through nose reshaping for medical reasons because the benefits are endless.

Nose reshaping is more than just changing the way your nose looks. Sure, it can help to make your nose look like it suits your face better, but it offers medical benefits on the inside. Those who have small and commonly blocked nasal passages can find rhinoplasty helps to improve the breathing. You can get rid of the blocked sinuses and increase the amount of air passing in and out.

While you can get air through the mouth, there are detrimental health effects. Mouth breathing leads to bacteria buildup in the mouth. You can end up with more tooth decay and gum problems from the bacteria, while also have bad breath because of the buildup at the back of the throat.

When you breathe through the nose, the dirt and bacteria in the air are trapped in the hair in the nostrils. Your lungs will get cleaner air, which improves the amount of oxygen passing through your body. You get rid of the bacteria in the mouth issue and you feel better. Your mouth won’t feel as dry and you can reduce some migraines through better breathing. It’s also possible to improve your sleep since you can breathe better and clearer.

And there are the psychological benefits. When you feel your nose matches your face better, you can gain more confidence. Just think about how Rachel in Friends changed after getting her nose job.

Consider Beauty Procedures This Year

It’s time to improve yourself and you can do that through body procedures. While there is a focus on how plastic surgery can change the way you look, there are various physical and medical benefits. By getting non-invasive skin procedures, you can change the look of your face and reduce the bacteria buildup. It’s easier to manage your skin type and improve the softness of your skin. You can even reduce the signs of aging and repair some of the damage.

However, there are also benefits to other beauty procedures. Getting nose reshaping could change the way you breathe and live, boosting your confidence and overall health.

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