20 Simple Eye Makeup Tutorials For Brown Eyes


Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes, Zoe Zaldana are just a few of the famous Hollywood actresses born with the dazzling beauty of having brown eyes.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Wearing the proper make up that go best with your eye color enhances not only physical beauty but also your character and confidence. That meaningful stare and awe-inspiring glances can boost your confidence and positively improve your mood in an event gathering giving you a better disposition especially if you are attending functions for business purposes.

Brown maybe a little too common of color among women’s eyes but there’s a lot that can be said about having a pair of big beautiful brown eyes. In psychology, for example, it is believed that individuals born with brown eyes are prone to be more independent and confident.

In this post, we will provide women, young and old, working and non-working the ability to accentuate their brown eyes with the proper eye makeup for a particular occasion, event or time of day.

1. Choosing Your Eye Make Up for Brown Eyes

This video tutorial offers insider tips on what color palette works best with brown eyes. Note that you can opt for drugstore makeup or branded essentials. The key is selecting the right hue, tint, and color that will go best with your eyes.

With the right color of eye shadow, you will be able to make your eyes stand out and noticeable. It does not help to have the most expensive makeup set if you are not well-informed of how to use it.

The right palette can help you achieve the ideal look for the particular occasion.

2. Eyeshadow Application for Brown Eyes for Daytime Look

This video tutorial teaches you how to use eye shadow effectively on your eyes for a simple daytime look.

Daytime makes up needs to be simple, not too shiny but has a hint of glam in every angle. The secret of this tutorial is to find an eyeshadow that offers a high contrast to your skin tone.

Gone are the days when all you need to do is brush here and there. Today, makeup styling has become a science to the dedicated few that they have enhanced techniques to help every woman achieve a better appearance in everyday life.

3. How to Make Brown Eyes Pop

Women with brown eyes can be actually any shade of eye shadow, but the key to having a really noticeable brown eyes is to choose the right combination.

Color variation helps out in making your eyes stand out. Not everyone is capable of putting the right combination of makeup. To help you understand the basics all, you need to do is consult your color wheel.

This video provides a short and simple color trick and brush stroke to achieve that pop-eye look.

4. How to Make Brown Eyes Look Lighter

Yes, you may be proud to have a pair of brown eyes, but there will be days when instead of accentuating your brown eyes you will need to tone it done to a lighter shade.

Having a lighter pair of eyes helps you dress down especially if you are used to wearing makeup every day heavily.

This video tutorial will teach you how to achieve a lighter appearance for your brown eyes for those days when you just need to be simple and not noticeable.

5. Full Eye Makeup Tutorial

Here’s the makeup tutorial long before contouring became a thing of makeup artist and ordinary beauty enthusiasts.

This makeup tutorial offers a full makeup guide to make your not-so-ordinary brown eyes make a sound.

This can be your ultimate brown eyes tutorial for that business trip or date night.

This tutorial will help you achieve a naturally sophisticated look for your brown eyes.

6. Ways to Put on Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

This eye makeup tutorial focuses on strokes technique and palette combination.

Refer to this video tutorial when you are looking for other ways to look good with your brown eyes.

Learn the value of varying brush strokes and pencil color for your brows.

Learn how to highlight and de-highlight your brown eyes with a few brush strokes.

7. How to Make Brown Eyes Look, Hazel

You may find it amusing that even if you have brown eyes, there are ways when you can make it a little darker and look hazel witch eyes.

Wearing a little darker shade of brown make you look more prominent confident and serious. Perfect for that closing business deal you have been preparing for weeks.

This video tutorial will show you how to intensify your eye color and make it look darker as if you have a second set of deep brown eyes.

8. How to Make Brown Eyes Look Green

Change the color of your eyes at will with this eye makeup tutorial for brown eyes. When feeling adventurous or when you just want to put on something new for friends and family to appreciate this may just do it for you.

This tutorial is make up based, nothing surgical to implement except a few pencil and shadow trick that can go a long way.

Learn a few tricks along the way when you set your eyes to look green.

9. Brown Smoky Eye Make Up Tutorial

Cocktail parties require you to be more experimental and upbeat with your looks. When attending one, you can spice up your look with this smoky brown eye tutorial that has become the fad for Hollywood celebrities in the recent years.

Smoky eyes became a fad for an everyday look and for party meets. It’s a perfect match for that daytime meeting with a touch on a cocktail party in the evening.

Who needs a makeup artist when you can do it yourself with this guide.

10. Fall Glam Make Up Tutorial for Brown Eyes

This video tutorial will show you how to achieve a calming look during the fall season. Get a fashionable look even when the weather is not so friendly. Get this cold, exotic look plus a few tips on make up as you watch.

This video uses branded products but you can alternate them with drugstore make up so you can still keep up with the fall glam even in tight budget.

11. Glam Soft Smokey Brown Eyes

Be playful with this tutorial. This video shows you a trick how to soften your brown eyes with a smokey accent.

Put on this makeup trick when you are ready to party and paint the town red. A soft smokey eye speaks volumes for when you want to prove a point with a simple stare.

Watch how to highlight your inner eye and choose the right contrast to your skin tone to bring out that dark smokey glow.

What this makeup is perfect for night early dinner or business dinner meet.

12. Soft Brown Defined Eyes with Winged Eyeliner

Look sophisticated and stunningly beautiful with this makeup trick for your brown eyes. This makeup trick makes your eyes look bolder yet softer. The winged accent offers an extra spice character to your eyes.

Wear this makeup trick to your meet and greet or when you are attending a job interview, and you want to make an impression.

13. Natural Make up for Big Brown Eyes

This is a simple everyday look pulled by this college student. You can opt for over-the-counter make up to put on this everyday look.

This everyday makeup tutorial makes your eyes look fuller and more attractive. Learn how delicate your eyes can get with a simple strokes and eyebrow highlight.

This everyday look is perfect for working women.

14. Products to Enhance Brown Eyes

This video offers a bit of insider tips on which product you can use to add an extra amp to your beautiful brown eyes.

A few tips and trick on how to use each makeup and what time of the day it is most promising to put it on.

Remember your eyes can speak volumes with the right amount of makeup at the right time of day in the right place.

15. Sexy Blue Smokey for Brown Eyes

When attending parties and your eye color does not match your dress, this simple trick is all that you need to pull it off.

Turn your bold and brazen brown eyes to a Sexy Blue Smokey Eye siren that everybody can appreciate.

Remember you don’t need to have a matching eye color to enhance your wardrobe. All you need is a few brush strokes with the right eye shadow palette.

16. Sultry Smokey Brown Eyes

This simple eye transformation look can be worn in late night parties or when out bar hopping with friends.

If you are a woman out to find a special date for the night or simply looking for good company this sexy and fancy eye trick can help you broaden your horizons.

This eye makes up tutorial is for women who wants to do away with the usual boring routine makeup.

This smokey brown eye tutorial uses high end makeup products, again cheaper alternatives can be had if you are still trying out this look at home.

17. Green Fall Make Up for Brown Eyes

This makeup tutorial specifically uses emerald green shade to accentuate and highlight the brown eye.

This makeup tutorial is ideal for female CEO’s who are attending a busy day in the office but will need to dress up later in the evening to attend a charitable function.

This dual purpose makes up tutorial makes it easy for working women to put on a good makeup without having to worry about retouching and replacing when night functions come knocking the door.

18. Drugstore Make Up Tutorial

You may have noticed, I keep mentioning that there are cheaper alternatives to the products used in previous videos. Look glam and fab with these easy to find products in your neighborhood drugstore the next time you go shopping.

In this tutorial, we will help you get an intoxicating makeover with over-the-counter or drugstore makeup products.

Beauty need not be expensive. For women short on the budget or just finding their way to make up sessions and training, drugstore products are just as good as the high-end products your favorite Hollywood star is using.

19. Make Up for Brown Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes refer to having that extra layer of skin that constantly drops over the crease that makes the eyes appear smaller.

Hooded eyes are often the subject of emboldening makeup tricks. Brown eyes wouldn’t appear perfect with a hooded eyelid. Hence this trick will help you eliminate that extra skin layer and make your beautiful brown eye stand out.

20. Purple and Gold Make Up Look for Brown Eyes

Make your eyes sparkle and make that glare long lasting and extra flirty with this makeup trick.

Add a layer of dramatic hues with the combination of gold and purple eyeshadow.

When you want to look professional, flirty and a little obnoxiously beautiful then put these colors on.

We hope this list help you put on your best brown eyes forward. You can play a little with the tutorial above to get a day time or night time look. Stay tuned for more makeup tutorials.

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