12 Game-Changing Model Skin Care Secrets


Models have flawless skin. At least that’s the way it always looks. That’s not always the case, but magazines and photo editors can airbrush and manipulate to create the image they believe is best.

Models are just like us. They need to care for their skin to make sure it looks as good as possible. They have scars that they want to hide and will have days that acne flare-ups are a major problem. But they follow skin care secrets that help them to cover up, tame, and deal with problem issues.

You can do the same. Here’s a look at the 12 game-changing model skin care secrets that you need to start following for seemingly flawless, healthy skin.

Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face

Let’s start with Kendall Jenner’s tips for avoiding acne and problematic skin. She always avoids touching her face, which is a skin care tip that dermatologist and skin experts will tell you.

When you touch your face, you transfer oils and grease to your skin. Even if you’ve not handled anything greasy, your hands will release natural oils. They need to so they can remain soft. But this means more oil that can end up on your face. Even natural oil can be overwhelming for your skin. It leaves your face looking greasy and feeling slick.

Transferring the oils will also mean more liquids to block the pores. This opens your skin up the chance of developing acne-causing bacteria.

Jenner says that her elder sisters have always encouraged her not to touch her face. It’s something she’s taken seriously, and it has helped her avoid many of the problems her sisters had grown up.

Stop Using Wipes for Your Eye Makeup

Jaine King avoids wipes for her eye makeup, even those specifically designed for the skin. Instead, she will use lukewarm water on her fingertips and rub at her mascara, eyeshadow, and other makeup gently.

Why is this so important? Well, the skin around your eyes is easily torn and damaged. This is where most of the earlier signs of aging will appear. When you use a wipe, you’re more likely to pull and rub at the skin, damaging the lower layers and making the skin lose its elasticity.

Wipes also tend to be bad for the skin in general. They don’t quite remove all the makeup. You’re best following a cleansing routine that involves warm water, a mild, oil-free cleanser, and your hands.

Remove Dark Circles with Potato Slices

Victoria Brito doesn’t let dark circles get in the way of a perfect complexion. She opts for potato slices to get rid of them. Yes, potato slices!

This is one of the most popular methods for caring for the skin. Unlike cucumbers, potato slices have a mild acidic quality to them. Unlike tomato and lemons, the acid is mild enough to avoid skin sensitivity issues. Potatoes offer the acid and water content to help moisten the area around the eyes and lighten the coloring naturally.

Brito doesn’t just use the potato slices, though. She’ll wash her face with some lukewarm water to hydrate the sink first and cleanse it with a gentle cleanser. After that, she’ll use a moisturizing cream to make sure her skin gets plenty of moisture throughout the day. She will also do facial exercises to help tone and strengthen the face and the skin.

When it comes to using the potato slices, she will leave the thin slices on her eyes for 15-20 minutes once a week. The potato will be dark afterward, partially due to the oxygen from the air and partially due to pulling oils and toxins out of the skin.

Remove Blackheads with Lemon Juice

Brito also shares her natural secret for getting rid of blackheads. She’ll squeeze all the juice out of half a lemon and mix with some sugar. The mixture is then rubbed on the face as a natural exfoliate.

This is another beauty secret that many experts recommend for herbal remedies for exfoliating the body. It’s not commonly used on the face, due to sensitivity. Lemon juice is highly acidic and can cause the skin on the face to become irritated. If this is the case, you can use tomato juice instead of similar results.

The skin on the face will feel smooth and soft after using the lemon and sugar mixture. The citric acid deep cleanses the pores, after the sugar opens them up.

This is a tip best followed by a night. Going out straight away after using lemon will put your skin at extra skin damage risk.

Moisturise All the Time

This isn’t a secret, but it is a beauty tip that model Shanina Shaik swears by. In fact, it’s a tip that all models will follow.

The skin needs water. But you can’t just get it through the water you drink. You need to apply the moisture to the skin and allow it to soak in through the layers.

Shaik takes things one step further than just moisturizing. She’ll use a product that is suitable for her skin and the season. As her skin is oily, she chooses a lighter moisturizer, but needs a slightly thicker one in the winter. This is when the humidity in the air drops, so there isn’t as much moisture in the air for the skin to soak in.

It’s not all about the arms and legs. She’ll use a special cream for around her eyes, which needs plenty of moisture to avoid the wrinkles.

Get a Facialist

This is one of those secrets that not everyone can do, but if you have the money, then it will be worth spending some. Lindsay Ellingson says that she will see a facialist on a monthly basis, and she makes sure she found one that was highly trained and experienced in model skin care.

Her specialist is someone who uses unique treatments that often involve raw honey as a base. The raw honey helps to clear the skin, reduce breakouts, and improve skin tone. This will be due to the vitamin C, some acids, and other antioxidants that are the honey.

However, you want to see a facialist to make sure you’re always using the right skin care products for your skin type. This will help you get a targeted recipe for your exact needs. A facialist will help clear up blackheads, pigmentation issues, fine lines and more. You’ll get both active and preventative treatments, depending on your age and needs.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes you just need to keep it all simple. There’s no need to spend a fortune on specialist products or super secret tips. Lakshmi Menon shares that her techniques are extremely traditional and simple.

The model will use a cleanser and moisturizer daily. Throughout the day she will exercise and drink water, helping to keep the blood flowing, the overall health good, and the skin moisturized.

There are a few specialist products she uses, but she will always make sure they’re chemical free. There’s nothing worse than cleansing your face only to put toxins into it. Menon prefers natural and organic products. When she finds something, she sticks with the same one for a while.

Sometimes the simplest techniques are the best. They will avoid money stress as you try to buy the best products. When you keep your stress levels to a minimum, you keep your hormones and natural oil production in balance. This helps to prevent the pores from getting blocked, so you end up with less acne on the face.

Opt for Cocoa Butter Before You Sleep

Nyasha Matonhodze uses cocoa butter on a nightly basis, especially during the fashion season. Most models are seen with perfect complexions, but Matonhodze’s is nothing like that. She admits to breaking out in acne throughout the fashion season, usually due to the makeup she wears.

Before going to bed, she will clean the makeup from her face and then apply a layer of cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is good for getting deep into the layers of skin and moisturize. There are antioxidants within the oily feeling product, which helps to regenerate and repair cells that have become damaged over the course of the day.

By doing this on a night, you help improve during the natural regeneration process. You support the skin while you sleep. There will also be a good smell while you sleep, which will help reduce your stress levels, so you find it easier to get a good night’s sleep.

Clean Off the Makeup at the End of the Day

There’s nothing worse than leaving your makeup on overnight. It’s not the makeup that causes the problem, but the blocking of pores and the growth of bacteria inside your pores. The bacteria lead to acne on the skin.

Model Melodie Monrose says that her best tip is to remove the makeup at the end of the day. This is something that is especially important for her throughout fashion season, as most days are spent wearing thick makeup.

Removing makeup with a cleanser will help to get into the pores. It’s possible to remove any dirt or grime that has appeared on the skin. You can also help to improve the repair process of your skin cells.

Go Bare a Few Days

Leave your skin makeup free for a few days. This is something Olivia Hunter does when she doesn’t have to wear any makeup. According to this popular model, too much gunk leaves her face feeling heavy and blocked. All the gunk collects in the pores, and it’s hard to remove it all after a while. She likes to have days after long shows where she has no makeup at all.

During these downtime periods, she will opt for facial steam, which is something that you can do at home. All you need is some hot water with peppermint oil or mint tea. Put your head over the bowl of menthol water with a towel over your head. Let the steam get into your pores and clean them out deeply and thoroughly.

You can feel your pores feel cleaner and brighter. Make sure you moisturize afterward to help keep the pores clean and improve the hydration of the skin.

Keep Your Regimen Consistent

People will tell you to constantly change up your products and change the treatments to your face. Now and then you will need to change things. After all, companies change their formulas, and your skin will get used to the products. However, you shouldn’t change things too regularly.

Jourdan Dunn recommends keeping the regimen consistent. She has the same system on a morning and then one that is suited for the night. Not only does this help her skin, but it helps missing anything. She knows the moisture is locked in and her skin will have everything needed to repair.

While keeping it consistent, Erin Heatherton goes onto recommend avoiding using too many products. There are times that you can overload your skin with cleansers, toners, and more. You can also add way more moisturizing cream than your skin needs. One of the best things you can do is rinse your face if it feels irritated. Chances are you have too much on.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Natural

Sometimes you need to get rid of the manufactured products and go natural. This is something Jay Wright recommends. She likes to use natural masks with avocado and honey after shows to remove the debris from her pores and deeply cleanse her skin. The ingredients add moisture, improve skin cell health, and get rid of pigmentation issues.

Sometimes you don’t have time to make your products. That’s fine! Lok out for natural and organic brands that will only use natural ingredients.

It’s time to follow the tips from the celebrities. Models don’t have naturally flawless skin. They do suffer breakouts, and they will have to deal with oily patches. There are times that blackouts stand out and days when their pores feel full of gunk and heavy. It’s important to find out why your skin feels irritated or is acting up. There is always a reason.

Follow the above 12 tips to look after your skin. They’re healthy skin care secrets of models. These tips help them have what looks like the flawless skin daily. Sometimes it’s all about moisture and using the right ingredients.

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