10 Herbal Skin Care Tips For Glowing Skin


You don’t need to use store products to get glowing skin. There have been herbal remedies used throughout the years that help to wipe away the dead cells and bring out the natural glow. The best thing about herbal remedies is that they’re toxin free. They help to restore balance in your body while adding nutrients directly into your skin.

But you need to follow the right herbal skin care tips. Don’t just use the treatments any way you want. These top tips will make sure you care and nourish your skin while helping it glow.

Crushed Grapes and Rub Them on Your Face

Use grape juice on your face to help get rid of all the impurities. You only need a few grapes to mash, or you can cut them in half and rub the juicy side on your face. Focus on the areas that are the driest or have the most problems.

Grapes are full of antioxidants. You’ll hear the word antioxidants a lot when looking into herbal remedies. This is because the antioxidants are among the greatest benefits of going natural. They can’t be replicated synthetically that well.

Antioxidants help to fight off free radicals. These free radicals are blamed for aging and cancer. By getting rid of free radicals, you can reduce the risk of skin cancer and improve the health of the skin to fight against signs of aging. You’ll see fewer blemishes and suffer from fewer wrinkles.

But lots of fruits have antioxidants, right? Well, grapes specifically have polyphenols, carotenoids, and other similar phytonutrients that have been proven to fight against some types of cancers. They help to dilate the blood vessels to improve blood flow too, making your skin glow naturally.

Grapes are also full of resveratrol. This nutrient help to prevent signs of aging and other skin problems. Yes, studies have shown resveratrol to be beneficial, especially when combined with acne medication, for fighting against the bacteria that causes acne.

Mix Cucumber Juice with Some Rose Water and Glycerin

Cucumber juice is extremely beneficial for the skin, and not just for the moisturizing benefits. However, moisture is important.

When the cucumber juice and rose water are mixed, they help to lock in some of the moisture in the skin. They support the production of collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin. Used topically on scars can help to reduce the sight of time, especially acne scars.

Cucumber water also has vitamin B5. This is known as its acne-causing bacteria killing. The water will help to draw out toxins in the skin that often leave the skin looking dull and boring. More details on rubbing cucumber on face here.

Glycerin is also recommended for fighting against acne. It helps to draw out the bacteria completely from the pores and gives the skin an extra boost in fighting against new bacteria that form. Those with oily, acne-prone skin can especially benefit.

Mix Cream and Honey

Both cream and honey will offer some benefits to the skin, especially when used together. Create a refreshing mask for the end of the day or use them together as a cleanser. They are both especially good when it comes to winter skin care.

Honey is full of antioxidants, especially vitamin C. The antioxidants work with the immune system to fight against fungal, viral, and bacterial issues. You can reduce the risk of various skin conditions forming or getting worse.

While there are natural sugars in honey, they don’t disrupt the balance of the hormones. However, you will need to use raw honey. Store-bought options are full of extra additives.

Honey and cream together are extremely moisturizing. This will help to improve the glow in your skin, as you replace the moisture that the rest of your body takes from the skin. You instantly look healthier without adding a greasy look to your skin.

Then there are the protein benefits in cream. Like all dairy products, thecream will help to support the collagen production and the skin tissues. When they look stronger, you instantly get a glow that you wouldn’t usually have.

If you don’t want to use cream, you can use milk on your face. Either way, you get the benefit of fats too. Healthy fats will help to support the firmness and natural, healthy plumpness of your skin.

Add Cabbage Juice to Honey Instead

Not too sure about milk or cream? Are you a vegan and can’t use either? Well, why not use some cabbage juice instead? You can use any dark leafy green with the honey to create a cleansing and revitalizing product.

You already have the cleansing benefits of honey. What you also get are other nutritional benefits from the dark leafy greens. There’s more iron, calcium, zinc, and more added. These can help to support the tissues, the blood flow, and the healing power of your skin. You’ll also feel healthier within yourself, which helps to balance out the hormones and improve the natural oil production.

Cabbage specifically is full of indole-3-carbonite, which is an antioxidant that helps with the detoxification of your body. You can draw out the toxins from your skin and body, creating a more neutral and happy zone. Toxins lead to dull skin. We’re all guilty of having them at some point, but you don’t have to put up with them all the time.

Use Carrot Juice Directly on Your Face

Get a natural glow quickly and effortlessly with the help of carrot juice. Carrots are full of beta carotene, which turns into vitamin A within the body. This vitamin is essential for healing ailments and supporting the collagen production.

When you have enough collagen, your skin elasticity is supported. You’ll find that you get fewer scars and stretch marks since the skin can expand and contract easily without tearing. Without the scars, your skin looks healthy and will radiate beauty.

At the same time, beta carotene helps to protect against sun damage. Many of us are guilty for not wearing sunscreen or for not using enough. We can spend too long in the sun and end up with a redness to our skin. Even the slight bit of redness is the skin burning, and it will pay for that in later years.

Helping to repair the sun damage will help to prevent signs of aging. You will reduce blemishes forming and wrinkles appearing. Even if you don’t see any now, the beta carotene will help support your skin and hold them off in the years to come. Plus you’ll have glowing skin throughout the year.

Despite claims that cooking vegetables lose nutrients, carrots release more beta carotene when cooked. It’s worth steaming and then blending the carrots to use in your skin care routine.

Add Some Cinnamon to Your Honey

We’re back with the honey again. Yes, this ingredient is that good for you. When it comes to honey and cinnamon, you want to apply it to your face and leave it overnight. Treatments overnight are especially good as your skin rejuvenates during this time. It’s the chance to step away from environmental damage and for the skin cells to repair from a long day.

Honey and cinnamon masks have been linked to fewer pimples and scarring. Your skin looks healthier and brighter because of this.

Cinnamon is beneficial for its antimicrobial properties. The ingredients will work together on a micro level to remove the bacteria and impurities, so your skin can look younger and fresher.

Mix Lime Juice with Olive/Coconut Oil

Olive and coconut oils are the best options for your skin. They don’t just help to moisturize, but they add various healing antioxidants too. If you don’t want either, opt for almond oil instead for the vitamin E benefits.

Even if you have thenaturally oily skin, you want to use healthy oils like olive and coconut. They will help to encourage the body not to produce as many natural oils and lock in moisture to the skin. These types of oils are also usually added to diaper creams and baby products because they help to protect the delicate, soft skin.

Why lime juice? Well, either lime or lemon juice will work for this. The citrus juices are full of vitamin C and other antioxidants that help to support the immune system. At the same time, they’re full of citric acid to help deeply cleanse the pores. The bacteria and dirt are broken down and destroyed, leaving you with brighter and clearer skin.

If you are going to use the citric juices, use a good sunscreen afterward. Your skin will be more susceptible to burning.

Use Your Own Aloe Vera Juice

There are many products on the market that offer aloe vera juice in them. This is because aloe vera is so good for you. It’s full of healing properties due to the vitamin E in it. Aloe vera has been used for years to hydrate the skin, fight against pigmentation issues, and repair damage.

It’s an excellent option to use on your sunburned skin. It will make repairs from a cellular level to protect from long term damage. Meanwhile, the cooling and anti-inflammatory benefits will help to soothe the burn while it heals. It also supposed the collagen production and elasticity of the skin to improve the glow.

But why do you need to use your own? The store products will often have other ingredients in them. Many of these other ingredients are chemicals or toxins that end up doing damage that aloe vera cures. All the ingredients together will prevent the effectiveness of the lotions and creams. Plus the manufacturing process breaks down some of the properties of aloe vera, so it isn’t as good.

When you use your own, you know that you’re only getting the benefits. It’s very easy to use your own, too. You just have to grow the plant and open the leaves to get the healing gel.

Use Yogurt with Some Apricots

Another fruit that is good for healing the skin is the apricot. Like many another yellow, orange, and red fruits (and vegetables) they’re full of healing antioxidants. They work in a similar way to honey.

Yogurt is good for adding dairy and healthy fats to your skin. Make sure you use plain Greek or natural yogurt. The flavored options will have added sugar that can disrupt your hormones and your natural oil production.

Yogurt, like milk and cream, has aprotein that helps to improve the collagen production and the health of the tissues. With everything working together in cream, you can create abeautifully glowing skin. Add them together to create a paste and then apply to your skin. You only need to leave it on for 10 minutes and then remove with warm water to see the benefits.

If you want to add some extra glowing benefits, add in some honey to the mixture. You’ll get a deeper cleanse your pores and extra moisturizing benefits.

Brighten Quickly with Lemon or Tomato Juice

Either lemons or tomatoes are good for brightening the skin. By brightening the skin, you help to create a better glow.

Both of these fruits are full of natural acids that deeply cleanse the skin. They will break down the bacteria and dirt, removing the toxins out of your skin. The dead skin cells are removed without actually needing to scrub with an exfoliating product. When you’re finished with the treatment, the healthy skin cells shine through, so your skin is instantly brighter.

The citric acid can help to remove pigmentation damage and repair some of the blemishes and age spots. You’ll get a healthy way to look 10 years younger.

If you do want to offer some more exfoliating benefits, you can add some salt to the juices. The salt won’t dissolve, but instead, create a gritty texture that cleanses and purifies.

Tomatoes tend to be best for those with sensitive skin, as they have a lower acid content compared to lemons. If you are going to use either and step out in the sun, make sure you use sunscreen on your skin. They both make your skin more susceptible to burning and damage.

Use Herbal Remedies Properly

Following the above tips will help to improve the look of your skin instantly and healthily. It’s common to misuse herbal remedies and not think anything bad of them. Unfortunately, the treatments can work against your health, especially if mixed with unnecessary chemicals. When you get the right mixture of you get skin that glows throughout the day.

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